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Parallel Lines

Bills Tasting Room is no longer a tasting room.

It is now


We offer Spirits ~ serving up classic cocktails, hand-crafted martinis,

cold beer, and Prosser Vineyard & Wineries award-winning wines.

We also carry a supply of flavored and mild-full bodied cigars

Come in and see our new place.  We hope you visit us soon!


Leave the ordinary at the door, dig the ambience, and

join the Pack for a swinging time.


Tucked away in Historic Downtown Prosser, come savor a classic cocktail, award-winning wine or cold beer.  Grab a cigar and unwind on our patio.


Just off the main room, is the mind-bending, intimate Rabbit Hole.

Where you can relax with a libation and a bite.


Whether you want to catch up with friends or enjoy some quite time on your own, our fun and inviting hosts are here to Welcome You.

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